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The artists at Moonlite Tattoo are members of The Alliance of Professional Tattoists, conform to OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Rule, and attend seminars on Prevention of Disease Transmission.  This means that we take pride in the quality and safety of our tattoos, and we always put our clients first.


We're a full service studio, offering tattoing, piercing, and a wide selection of body jewelry.






136 West Market Street

Lewistown, PA 17044






((717) 242-6765



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We do all kinds of piercing at Moonlite! Come here to get: Nose, Nipples, Ears: inner/ outer conch, orbital, industrial, lobes, forwared helix, tragus, Belly button (navel), Lip, Eyebrow, and more. Please give us a call or stop in during normal business hours for piercings and pricing.


Bob Ewing

Owner-  20+ years experience

Due to his experience, Bob is a well rounded tattoo artist and can tattoo almost anything you can throw at him. It's hard to pin down his favorite style of tattoo, since he likes a variety of styles and is talented in executing most all of them. If you're looking for a tried and true artist with a reputation you can trust- Bob is it.

Jimmy Page

New age artist

Moonlite Tattoo would like to welcome our newest artist , Jimmy Page! He is a talented, well-rounded  young artist who has been slinging ink for over 3 years. Jimmy is the kind of artist that will always take the time to talk to you,  listen to you, and give you the tattoo you will be proud of.  




Bob Ewing's Gallery

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